Beverly Bamberger
Visual Communication
& Design

Escape-ism / Romantic Immigration

We live in a time where immigration is a central issue. Massive waves of immigrants leave their home countries on a daily basis because they have to. But there are still people that are privileged enough to immigrate by choice. The purpose of this project is to specifically explore the latter phenomena of “romantic immigration,” an immigration motivated by: the search for new experiences, curiosity, religion, the struggles of routine, love, etc. Privileged reasons.

Escape-ism / Romantic immigration is an interactive platform that shows Romantic immigrants from all over the world. The site presents informations in a visual form (Videos, pictures, infographics etc. ) while the user gets a wide span of informations about the emigrants and is able to learn about the phenomena.

UX/UI / Art Direction / Story telling / Photography / Animation: Beverly Bamberger
Video: Beverly Bamberger, Shai Sivan
Origanal Sound / Video Editing: Shai Sivan